Experience nothing less than the origins of art!

100,000 years it was one of the most sought places of the Stone Age - the Vogelherd cave. Currently it is the central attraction of the Archaeopark and no less prominent. This place is among the most important archaeological sites of Stone Age culture and opens a deep insight into our prehistory. Visitors can immerse actively in the Stone Age and get a fascinating insight of the era of our ancestors.

The Vogelherd cave

One of the world's most important archaeological sites of the Stone Age.
The cave was strategically located on a hill of 20 meters above the Lone and offered a perfect 180-degree view over the valley which makes a small kink.  For 100,000 years the cave with its three exits gave to our ancestors shelter and refuge. From this dry and safe position, they could watch animals or dangers from great distance, go hunting and follow their prey in moving formations. The residents left behind layer after layer unique treasures to later generations and made the Vogelherd Cave one of the most remarkable archaeological sites of human prehistory.

The outdoor area

Exciting stone age. Experience for all senses.

What makes Archaeopark Vogelherd so impressive, exciting and instructional for everyone, is its unique experience-based concept. Stone age is not presented to the visitor in the usual way one would expect in a museum, instead the visitor can undertake an adventurous investigation, increase his awareness and make his very own personal experience. The outdoor area offers all the possibilities for this. This area includes round trips with many impressions for all senses and mind. Gripping and like a travel back in time, children as well as adults can experience how it was to live and survive in the stone age.

The Visitor Center

Unique - the mammoth from the Vogelherd cave.
Experts say it is the oldest completely preserved figurative art in human history - the mammoth from the Vogelherd cave. Its age is estimated at 35,000 to 40,000 years, and it impressed archaeologists and especially aesthetes.

This artwork from mammoth ivory keeps us aware that for about 40 000 years ago we didnt longer understood only in the production of functional metal objects. That for the production of the little mammoth more than 300 hours were needed shows the importance of the artist meted this figure. The mammoth is showed in the visitors center at the Archaeopark Vogelherd.

Similar to a cave, the building is “hidden” under a rolling hill covered with grass, fitting nicely in the landscape of the Lonetal. The visitor enters the center by crossing a narrow entrance “through” the hill and finds himself in an arrangement of bright and open rooms. From here a glassfront is facing the cavesite of Vogelherd revealing a view of the cave. On the inside, the experience center presents surprising aspects of the stone age world. Exciting. Entertaining. And holistic.