by Katrin Hieke

Dwarfs and Giants- A Question Of Perspective

Dwarfs and giants cavort in myths, legends and fairy tales, from Greek mythology to Grimm's fairy tales and contemporary fantasy literature like "Lord of the rings" or "Harry Potter".
While the giants are threatening and on the margins of society, the dwarfs are usually smart and crafty and live among the people.

In reality the fascination for the deviation of the norm was satisfied at fairgrounds in earlier times. Until today "the biggest man in the world" or "the smallest woman in the world" are famous topics in popular media.

The exhibition tells stories about imaginary and real dwarfs and giants by exhibits, audio texts and other media. Especially children are invited to take different perspectives while they can feel small like a dwarf or huge as a giant.

Venue: Neanderthal Museum, Germany
Dates: 21 November 2015 - 1 May 2016

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