by Katrin Hieke

Grand finale of #IceAgeEuropeNow – A European Touring Exhibition

Early November 2019, our outdoor photo exhibition #IceAgeEuropeNow has been dismantled for the last time.

Since its opening at the world-famous site of the Neanderthal at the Neanderthal Museum in Germany in April 2017 it travelled to Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar and Belgium, covering 11 venues – including museum grounds, public parks and spaces – in 7 European countries.

The exhibition presented large-format photographs of fascinating finds, extraordinary objects and surprising connections between past and present. It invited all to experience our shared cultural heritage and common roots in Europe and to learn how close the Ice Age heritage is still to us.

The project was a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 “Sharing Heritage” and was made possible with the support of CEWE, a leading photo service provider in Europe.

The exhibition booklet remains available here.

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