by Katrin Hieke

Ice Age Europe Magazine 2020 published

We are thrilled to present you the fourth edition of our Ice Age Europe magazine! 

The purpose of our publication is to present you highlights of the many activities taking place at the different Ice Age sites
across Europe. Our network members are engaged in a broad spectrum of topics, which is reflected in every single issue of
our magazine. These are research and conservation, documentation and digitisation, museum management and exhibitions as well as education, communication and tourism.

Last but not least, all Ice Age Europe network members tackle different aspects of sustainable development. We have created a new magazine section to also showcase these examples.

It has become a nice tradition that the first article of each magazine issue is written by a guest author. This time it’s Trine
Kellberg Nielsen from the Moesgaard Museum in Denmark, reporting on a joint exhibition project with the Neanderthal
Museum, Germany.

This and all previous issues of our magazine are available for free on our webpage

We hope you enjoy reading!

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