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In 2015, the urmu (Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren/ Museum of Prehistory Blaubeuren) celebrates its 50th anniversary! In 1965 the archaeologist Gustav Riek - at that time excavating the now famous Brillenhöhle and Große Grotte - proposed to the city of Blaubeuren to establish a small museum to preserve and present his finds.

Today, the museum is considered the center of Ice Age art in Germany.
It has been completely redesigned last year and presents in originals the oldest art and the oldest musical instruments of mankind, found in the caves of the Swabian Alb, in the immediate vicinity of the museum.

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50 years - 50 questions

To honour the event and demonstrate the advance of knowledge since the earliest excavations, the online project "50 years - 50 questions" has been launched.

Test your knowledge and learn more about the Ice Age on our Facebook page (in English) or the museum website (in German) throughout the whole year. We will ask a question every Monday starting January 19; each Thursday we will post our answer to it. So get ready to become an Ice Age expert!

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