by Katrin Hieke

Launch of the Ice Age Europe terminals

Today our trans-European interactive Ice Age game has been unveiled. Controlled by touchscreen and connecting the Ice Age Europe network members via web, the game takes young visitors on a journey comparing Europe today to Ice Age Europe with no frontiers.

Have there always been border controls?  How big is a mammoth dung heap? Did Ice Age kids go to school? The terminals allow students of all ages to a play a dice game across a virtual map of Europe answering questions about Europe today and Europe with no boundaries during the Ice Age, highlighting the location of the most important sites of ancient human occupation. The system has a live chat feature and an online photo-postcard to connect visitors at the prehistoric sites and museums in Europe.

The project was made possible by the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and developed for the Ice Age Europe Network by the education team of the Neanderthal Museum. Here, Dr Angelica Schwall-Düren, Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media of North Rhine-Westphalia, officially inaugurated the terminals. At Kents Cavern, Jayne Stroud, Executive Director of the Torquay based TTPL (The Training Partnership Ltd), “cut the ribbon” using a replica prehistoric flint hand axe.

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