by Katrin Hieke

Network meeting at the home of the oldest Ice Age art

The second network meeting in 2016 took us to the Swabian Alps with it's world famous caves. Our host was our member urmu, the Museum of Prehistory in Blaubeuren, where visitors can dive into our prehistoric past and admire the oldest Ice Age art worldwide.

A mayor part of our network meetings is always devoted to the exchange of news from the member sites: recent projects and novel ideas, developements in the respective regions and of course experiences of any kind.
We also always spend a lot of time outside the meeting rooms. This time, we visited the famous Hohle Fels cave, the reopened urmu and the famous Lion Man at the Museum of nearby Ulm.
At the meeting, we further developed a good number of network projects, including a unique European touring exhibition.

The local newspapers reported on our meeting, see for example > here and > here

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