by Katrin Hieke

Network Meeting in Solutré

Our recent network member gathering took us to the famous site of Solutré. We climbed up the rock, visited the Maison du Grand Site - Solutré Pouilly Vergisson and the newly opened, fantastic Prehistory Museum of Solutré.
In the network meetings we worked on and refined our many project ideas, including Ice Age Europe group tours, the training of site guides and the creation of innovative learning ressources. We also considered an Ice Age Europe touring exhibition and invented clever network souvenirs, which will soon be available in the museum shops of the network members. In future, the network would also like to welcome associated members. Details will be published soon. 

We believe that 2015 will be another exciting year for the network in which we want to achieve a lot! So stay tuned and keep up to date here, on Facebook or Twitter!

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