by Katrin Hieke

Network Members met at MUSE, Trento (Italy)

Our second network meeting in 2017 took place at MUSE. The new science museum in Trento, sitting in a stunning building designed by Renzo Piano, was opened in 2013. It tells the tale of evolution, where mankind comes from and how it interacts with the surrounding environment. The museum considers itself as activist, leading visitors on the path towards a well-balanced relationship between science, nature and society. 
MUSE is also in charge of Dalmeri rock shelter, a key site for the reconstruction of the behavior, the activities and the exploitation of the Alpine territories by the last Paleolithic hunter-gatherers that inhabited the Alps. The most important finds are on show at the exhibitions. 

What made the meeting so special was that at the same time our European touring exhibition #IceAgeEuropeNow had arrived in Italy. It will spend the winter here, and continue to France and Spain next spring.
Besides planning more events in the context of the exhibition and the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 "Sharing Heritage", we learned what is new with our members, planned the second edition of our successful Ice Age Europe magazine, a Europe-wide action day, and more!

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