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Research Projects of the Museum of Altamira

The Museum of Altamira is also a research centre whose objectives include the study of prehistory, humankind’s first art, and its dissemination among society to improve knowledge and awareness of its value and the requirement for its protection. The Museum of Altamira is currently undertaking the following research projects:

Program for the preventive conservation of the cave of Altamira:
Since 2012 an International Committee, composed of renowned specialists in preventive conservation, began work to study the feasibility of providing a restricted number of visitors with access to the cave of Altamira, while safeguarding the conservation of the paintings.

Prehistory and rock art of the cave of Altamira:
the Museum conducts research into the interior and exterior of the cave archaeological site. The results obtained have made possible to expand the period for which Altamira was occupied by humans by over 4,000 years, all the way to the Gravettian period, previously undocumented.

Record and inventory of Paraguayan pre-ceramic archaeological heritage and rock art:
ince 2008, technicians from the Museum of Altamira have been working on recording and creating an inventory of the country’s archaeological heritage and rock art. The project is funded by the National Ministry of Culture in Paraguay.

The museum studies its visitors:
the Museum of Altamira is part of the Permanent Laboratory for Museum Visitors, an initiative of the Subdirectorate General for State Museums of the Ministry of Culture. The project aims to obtain stable and continuous information about visitors to state museums, which can be used in improving the services the institution offers to the public.

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