by Katrin Hieke

Spring Meeting at Iconic Altamira

Twice a year, the members of Ice Age Europe - Network of Heritage Sites meet at one of their member sites. 
These 3 to 4 days are dedicated to sharing news, ideas and projects in the fields of research, conservation and dissemination, to look behind the scenes of the hosting institution, and of course to discuss the current and upcoming network projects.

The spring meeting 2019 took us to the Museum of Altamira, Cantabria/Spain, one of the founding members of the network back in 2013.
While the original cave itself can only be visited by a very small number of persons, the neocave at the museums allowed us to immerse ourself in some of the most famous rockart and discuss features in depth.

Among the network projects discussed are the current photo competition #IceAgeEurope in cooperation with our sponsor CEWE and the future travelling exhibition that will be generated out of the winning pictures, the new issue of our Ice Age Europe magazine as well as public events in 2019 like the European Archaeology Days (14-16 June 2019) or the Ice Age Europe Day on 22 September 2019.  

The post meeting tour took us to the Cuevas Prehistóricas de Cantabria and MUPAC, Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria, in Santander. 

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