by Katrin Hieke

Welcome, Creswell Crags Museum & Heritage Centre!

Cave sign. Photo: Creswell Crags Museum & Heritage Site

We are very happy to welcome Creswell Crags Museum & Heritage Centre at the Ice Age Europe network! 

Creswell Crags is a site of archaeological and palaeoecology importance, and boasts indoor and outdoor attractions for all ages. 

With over twenty caves, which have been excavated for nearly 150 years, Creswell Crags has yielded a rich array of archaeological and palaeontological finds and information. The earliest finds date back to the Late Interglacial, 125,000 years ago. 

Art holds additional importance at Creswell Crags. The 19th Century excavations revealed the ‘ochre horse’: a coloured engraving of a horse upon a rib bone. ‘Pin Hole Man’ – a human-like figure engraved onto bone – was uncovered in the early 20th Century excavations. In 2003, rock art was discovered in the caves at Creswell Crags. 

The museum showcases many of the archaeological and palaeontological items found within Creswell Crags. One item of note is ‘Eric’, an almost complete juvenile hyaena skeleton found in Pin Hole. 

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