by Katrin Hieke

Welcome, Scladina Cave!

We are happy to welcome Scladina Cave Archaeological Centre as a new network member in 2020! 

The Scladina Cave is located in the village of Sclayn (City of Andenne, Province of Namur), along the south bank of the Meuse River, between Andenne and Namur in Belgium.

Scladina is famous for the discovery of numerous archaeological assemblages as well as the remains of a ca. 8-year-old Neanderthal child. The Cave has been under scientific excavation since 1978 by professional archaeologists from the University of Liège and the Scladina Cave Archaeological Centre (SCAC).

The museum has been recently moved (March, 2020) to the “Phare”, a cultural building located in the city centre of Andenne, associating the municipal library, the touristic office and the Museum of Ceramic.

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