Past Projects and Activities

In 2014 we unveiled our cutting-edge trans-European interactive Ice Age game. This innovative game, operated through touchscreens and interconnected via the Ice Age Europe network, took young visitors on an engaging journey, drawing comparisons between present-day Europe and Ice Age Europe when boundaries were non-existent.

Ever wondered about the existence of border controls throughout history? Curious about the size of a mammoth dung heap? Interested in whether Ice Age children attended school? Our game provided the perfect platform for students of all ages to explore these questions and more. Through a virtual map of Europe, players could engage in a captivating dice game, answering thought-provoking queries about both contemporary Europe and the Europe of the Ice Age era, while pinpointing the most significant sites of ancient human occupation. Moreover, the system incorporated live chat functionality and an online photo-postcard feature, fostering connections among visitors at prehistoric sites and museums throughout Europe.

Thanks to the generous support of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the dedicated efforts of the education team at the Neanderthal Museum, the Ice Age Europe Network has made this groundbreaking project a reality.

After several years of extensive usage, primarily by families and school groups, the technological system became outdated, and gaming preferences had evolved. However, offline versions of the game can still be found in certain locations.

Touch screen sitting in a huge shape of an ice block
Ice Age Europe Terminal "Hello, Ice Age Neighbour!". Photo: Ice Age Europe
A young student playing the interactive dice game at the terminal
Ice Age Europe Terminal with young player. Photo: Ice Age Europe

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