Espace Muséal d’Andenne

Set at the heart of Andenne (Belgium), Le Phare aims to be a unique place uniting the Library, the Tourist Office and the Espace Muséal d’Andenne (EMA – Andenne Museum Space) in a building distinguished by its remarkable architecture.
The terrace on the fifth floor provides a panoramic view of the Andenne Ecodistrict and the landscapes of the Meuse city.

Exterior view of the Le Phare building
Le Phare Andenne. Photo: Espace Muséal d’Andenne

Espace Muséal d’Andenne

The Espace Muséal d’Andenne (EMA – Andenne Museum Space) hosts the archaeological assemblages from Scladina Cave and the history of the city through its ceramics in all its forms.

The museum includes Scaldina Cave, an archaeological center and major prehistoric site open to the public where remains of three neanderthals have been found including Raga, the famous juvenile Neanderthal. This cave is located 6 kilometers away from the museum itself.

Two themes, one scenographic experience

Travel through several thousand years of human history thanks to a modern, fun-filled and interactive scenography suitable for young and old alike! Discover the unique prehistoric remains found in the Scladina Cave and the know-how of the craft workers, industrialists, and ceramic artists of Andenne.

At the heart of Prehistory

New fossilised bones are uncovered every year in the caves of Andenne, but the most important are undisputedly those of the Neanderthal child of Scladina.

Head off to see these remarkable remains, Belgium’s most spectacular anthropological discovery of the 20th century, and take part in an extraordinary scientific adventure alongside researchers!

The exhibition floor focusing on Scladina Cave presents itself as a vast laboratory, where all researchers are active. Each area is staged with a spatial atmosphere that evokes the work of these scientists. The different "offices" are centered around the reconstruction of the Neanderthal Scladina Child.

Through this scenography, the aim is to highlight the multidisciplinary approach of researchers (archaeologists, geologists, palaeoanthropologists, palaeontologists, physicists, and chemists) who have worked for 40 years at the Scladina Project.

Life-size figurine of a Neanderthal child, looking at a butterfly on its hand.
Raga - Neanderthal child of Scladina. Photo Espace Muséal d’Andenne

At the heart of Ceramics

Materials, knowledge, and know-how: these words alone sum up the magic of ceramics, a skill mastered in this region from Ancient Times to the present day. Share the secrets of those who bring forth the most surprising technical and artistic creations!

Along the route, discover the wealth of the tangible and intangible heritage of the Andenne region and the conservation and restoration techniques specific to the exhibits.

View of the ceramic exhibits
Ceramic exhibition. Photo: Espace Muséal d’Andenne

Scladina Cave

Scladina Cave is the only permanent excavation site open to visitors in Belgium and scene of the most important anthropological discovery of the 20th century.
Meet our archaeologists and our excavators when you visit this unmissable site, six kilometres from Andenne city centre. You will learn about archaeology, prehistory and touch real animals found during the excavations.

Inside the cave
Scladina Cave. Photo: Espace Muséal d’Andenne


Espace Muséal d'Andenne (EMA)
Promenade des Ours 37,
5300 Andenne

Scladina Cave
Rue Fond des Vaux 339d
5300 Andenne

Getting there

Espace Muséal d'Andenne
By bus: Andenne city centre is served by several TEC lines (Walloon public transport operator):
By train: Andenne railway station is a 15-minute walk away:
By car: Two hours free parking in the underground car park Les Tilleuls (accessible via rue Brun or rue Frère-Orban)
By bicycle: the RAVEL 1 Est between Huy and Namur

Scladina Cave
By bus: TEC Line 12 Stop “Sclayn – Poste”:
By train: Sclaigneaux railway station is a 15-minute walk from Scladina:
By car: You can park along the road for free

Hours & Admission

For opening hours and admission prices, please see the museum website.


Espace Muséal d'Andenne is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
PRM parking places in the Frère-Orban car park (rue Frère-Orban) and at No 29, Promenade des Ours (access via rue de l’Hôpital): less than 50 m from Le Phare
Wheelchairs, rollators and cane seats available; lifts and floor-level accessibility for all areas.

Scladina Cave is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Programmes and Activities

Information and booking

Reception: +32 85 84 96 95

Group reservation +15 people: +32 485 68 31 12

Andenne is a Belgian municipality located in the Walloon province of Namur.
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