1: World Heritage Tour (Germany)

Travel through time from Stone Age to the industrial age and discover three key heritage sites of Western Germany: the famous Neanderthal valley, Cologne Cathedral and Zollverein Coal Mine Essen (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

Included Ice Age Europe site: Neanderthal Museum

3: Journey to the Origin of Culture (Germany)

Some of the most fascinating Palaeolithic sites in Europe are located in the Swabian Jura in South West Germany. Here, modern humans left us the oldest figurative art and musical instruments that scientists have found so far. These objects are around 40.000 years old and mark the beginning of modern culture. Four sites provided these kinds of finds, they are the focus of the tour.

Included Ice Age Europe sites: Museum of Prehistory Blaubeuren and Archaeopark Vogelherd

4: A Journey with our ancestors (Italy)

A journey from the past into the future, discovering a corner of Italy surprisingly rich in history, nature and fun: Visit the new Science Museum of Trento (MUSE) and learn about the interactions between the Alpine people and their environment through time and space; the Dalmeri Rock Shelter, a fabulous prehistoric treasure trove; the beautiful historic city of Verona and the nearby Fumane Cave, where even the Neanderthals left their traces. 

Included Ice Age Europe sites: Fumane Cave and Science Museum of Trento (MUSE)

5: The Highland of Prehistory (Italy)

This tour takes you to the Lessini Mountains plateau, Lake Garda and in the UNESCO heritage city of Verona on a slow, off the usual fasttourist-track, accompanied by local guides. Explore wonderful and exceptional hidden places that tell the stories of both Neanderthals and modern humans who lived here during the Palaeolithic, of the glories of the Roman era, of the medieval castles and the Italian Renaissance life.

Included Ice Age Europe site: Fumane Cave