MUSE – The Science Museum of Trento

Lose yourself in the boundless spaces of the museum.

Six floors of pure wonder, dedicated to nature, mountains, technology and sustainability in Renzo Piano's luminous and sustainable architecture.
Experience knowledge among exhibition routes, temporary exhibitions, scientific collections and educational workshops for students, children and families.

Looking up in the atrium of the museum with suspended skeletons.
The Big Void. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, René Riller

A unique experience

Inaugurated in July 2013 in the former Michelin area, MUSE combines the traditional approach of natural history museums with new ways of interaction peculiar of the most modern science centers, with interactive exhibits and multimedia installations.
The building, which plays with its surroundings in a balance of empty and full spaces, follows the metaphor of the mountain to tell the story of life on Earth. The tangle of tales between nature and science, past and future, finds life in experimentation, discovery and play.

Renzo Piano's mountain

Designed and constructed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the MUSE 'mountain' is a gem of Italian architecture. Its outline recalls that of the surrounding summits. Inside, the multi-storey layout draws further inspiration from the mountain environment.
The museum has a basement level and 5 above-ground floors. Mainly intended for the visiting public, it also houses administrative and research facilities.
Outside, a sequence of open spaces and towering volumes, of solids and hollows, appears to float on a vast mirror of water, multiplying the shimmers of light and shade. On the roof, soaring brims amplify the underlying forms, making the building instantly recognisable.
The techniques used in its construction focused on environmental sustainability and energy saving, with widespread use of renewable sources and high-efficiency systems.

Exterior view of the MUSE with its spectacular architecture
Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze © Hufton – Crow

Special Display Areas

Traces of the past
Lift your gaze: whose is that great skeleton over your head?
Be they big or small, traces left by those who came before tell the story of life on Earth. And they also say something about you, too.
From the first molecules to the extinction of the dinosaurs, through to the appearance of mammals: dramatic environmental changes and chance circumstances have meant that the evolution of living species still surprises and calls for answers.

Face to face with Neanderthal and Sapiens
A journey in time lasting over 40 thousand years. “Shake hands” with Neanderthal and Sapiens: in this section you will find painted stones and artefacts that explain how prehistoric societies lived.

Are you born a nerd or do you become one? At the MUSE FabLab, you can try out new technologies and become a DIY fanatic.
Laser cutters, 3D printers and electronic prototyping kits are just some of the tools at your disposal in our digital lab.

Nude sculpture of a Neanderthal man leaning on his spear

Eye to eye with Neanderthal man. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Matteo De Stefano

A laser cutter repeatedly engraves the museum's logo onto a piece of wooden board.

Laser cutter at MUSE FabLab. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze

A hall filled with animal skeletons, lying in display cases or hanging from the ceiling.

Skeleton hall. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Paolo Riolzi

Maxi Ooh!
Sea beds, tactile floors and cushions in strange shapes for jumping about. A sensorial space dedicated to girls and boys aged 0 to 5 where all their senses are brought into play. Leaving without having shouted “ooh” at least once is nearly impossible.

The tropical greenhouse
Go through the waterfall into the depths of a rainforest: you are in the tropical greenhouse. Protected by 600 square metres of glass and steel, this is the home of 13 species of animals that include birds, fish and amphibians, all typical of the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania. Can you spot any of them?
A clue for you: the one with the green crest, who loves bilberries, is Livingstone’s turaco.

The biotope
A body of water that is different and unique, in every season. A lake covering 600 square metres, the glass architecture of the Tropical Greenhouse reflected among its water lilies. An “unexpected” natural haven, home to aquatic plants that are rare, if not extinct, in nature.

A child plays with oversized soft stones in a simulated riverbed.

At Maxi Ooh! MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

Two visitors stand on the path through the greenhouse, marveling at the tropical plants.

At the tropical greenhouse. MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

An international research centre

At MUSE we deal with scientific research, curation of museum collections and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage through three main areas of activity:

  • Conservation biology, with the study of the effects of ongoing environmental changes on species and ecosystems in order to direct the necessary actions to ensure their protection.
  • Climate and ecology, with the investigation of the effects of past, recent and current climate changes on abiotic and biotic processes with particular reference to the mountain environment.
  • Environment and Landscape, with the analysis of the being and becoming of the landscape over time, paying particular attention to the evolution of the relationship between humanity and the environment.

There are two important projects in the prehistoric field:

  • Humans and freshwater ecosystems, which studies the interactions between Mesolithic populations and the ecological mosaic of the Adige Valley with a reflection on the current sustainability of wetlands in Trentino.
  • Prehistory of Trentino, through which archaeological excavation activities and multi-disciplinary analyzes of the MUSE collections contribute to the reconstruction of the history of the Alpine population and the diachronic transformation of the landscape, as a product of the interaction between geological, biological and cultural components of the territory.
Close-up of an archaeologist holding a mason's trowel in hand at an excavation site. In the background, observers are standing.
Archaeological excavation. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Fabio Pupin

Dalmeri Rock Shelter

The archaeological site will take you on a journey through time, discovering how our ancestors lived about 13,000 years ago, after the shrinking of the glaciers from the last great ice age.
Take part in a packed programme of activities and enjoy a unique experience, learning all about the life, art and spirituality of Homo sapiens.

View from the excavation area in the cave to the green landscape outside
Dalmeri Rock Shelter. Archivio MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Stefano Neri


MUSE - Science Museum
Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3
38122 Trento TN

Plan your visit

For information on opening hours, ticket prices and how to get there please visit the museum website:


The museum has no architectural barriers.
In the parking lot, you can find reserved parking spaces for disabled people and expectant mothers.
We offer a wheelchair for those who need it.
Blind people can touch the exhibits and can be accompanied by a guide dog. Tactile maps are also available on every floor.

A group of students at a guided tour at the museum

ArcheoParty. MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

In the foreground an enlarged model of a butterfly and a flower, in the background visitors.

DarwinParty. MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

A woman and a boy stand in front of a bookshelf and look into a book.

MUSE Shop. MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

Programmes and Activities

Make your visit extra special with hands-on science activities that provide answers to all the most enquiring minds.

Guided visits
Be a main player at the museum! Our guides are ready to take you on a journey in time and space over the Alps and glaciers, through coral reefs and the depths of the ocean.
Whether you are crazy about prehistory or technology, sustainability or astronomy, we make sure you enjoy a brand new experience every time.

Temporary exhibitions
Over 500 m² to explore the themes of nature, science and sustainability.

Whether it’s for a quick lunch break or an aperitif with friends, the MUSE Cafè will make you feel at home. Watch visitors as they come and go and listen to the excited laughter of kids in the rooms. Sit at an outdoor table and enjoy a view of the vegetable gardens and Palazzo delle Albere.

Take a little bit of MUSE home with you! We have selected the best products for stimulating curiosity and creativity, exploring the world and setting off on fantastic adventures, travelling in time and enjoying a hands-on experience of science… always with a careful eye on sustainability.

View of the museum from the museum garden, mountains can be seen in the background
MUSE and surroundings. MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Michele Purin

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