Special events

International Museum Day /  European Heritage Days

Each year in May and October 

The Arkeologi Museoa and The Cave of Santimamiñe join every year these celebrations and the “European Heritage Days” and organize different events (children’s workshops, free guided visits, movies, theater, concerts and so on).


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Archaeological conferences

May/ June 

Every year The Arkeologi Museoa organizes “Find out the past” conferences courses. Its objective is presenting the results of the latest archaeological studies carried out around us, to the public, students, teachers, undergraduates and people who have interest in it.


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Schools and Teachers

The Arkeologi Museoa has two educational programmes so that the school children can enjoy and learn about our museum, archaeology and our heritage.

Primary School

The Arkeologi Museoa offersa visit to studentswith their teachers which consist on doing two activities related to the historical period they previously have chosen: Prehistory, Iron Age and Roman Period and Middle Ages.

Secondary School

Watching the archaeological material displayed in the museum and doing one of the two activities the museum offers, students will learn about the work methods and techniques the archaeologists use so as to find out all aspects of our social environment. Taking into account this proposal, the student group can work on one of these two educational programmes: The Changes of the Landscape or Cultural Influences.

Family Learning

Children´s Workshops

The Arkeologi Museoa offers a wide range of children’s workshops on Sundays during the school course. They are made for children aged between 6 and 12 who must take part with their parents or tutors. Their objectives are to entertain and show them our museum, the archaeology, our heritage and history, based on games, diggings, movies and a lot more.

Adult Learning

Thematic Visits

ROOTS OF A PEOPLE: The visitors with a guide can enjoy a journey through the history of Biscay by means of the materials which have been found in archaeological sites of the territory. The visit lasts about an hour.

KNOW IT, MEET US: The visitors with a guide can visit the inside of the museum. (research rooms, laboratories and stores). This is a great opportunity to know all about the museum. The visit lasts about an hour and a fourth.

CAVES OF SANTIMAMIÑE: The visitors will ascend to the cave entrance with a guide and can witness the extent of the research work conducted on the site, which was resumed a few years ago, and learn about the findings. Back at the hermitage of San Mamés, a sophisticated 3D virtual replica provides visitors with the opportunity to tour the whole cave, understand its formation and morphology, and certainly admire the examples of prehistoric art that the cave contains. The visit lasts about an hour.

Monographic Visits

THE MUSEUM PIECE BY PIECE: The visitors will have the opportunity to get a deep historical and archaeological knowledge of some of the most significant pieces of the museum’s collections. The visit lasts about twenty minutes.


Information and booking:


Arkeologi Museoa
Calzadas de Mallona, 2-C/Prim s/nº
48006 BILBAO

phone +34 94 404 09 90


Caves of Santimamiñe
Barrio Basondo
48315 Kortezubi

phone +34 94 465 16 57 or 94 465 16 60