Exhibitions, events and learning opportunities


In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is a programme of temporary exhibitions. These may be related to palaeontology or archaeology. Other exhibitions display works of artists, or are related to the local community. These temporary exhibitions are free to enter.


In-person events

A varied programme of in-person events run throughout the year. From 2021, the events programme will have a focus on the themes of the site, which include archaeology, palaeontology and the natural environment. These themes will also be used as links to enable us to base events around relevant societal and environmental topics.

Details of upcoming events can be found here: www.creswell-crags.org.uk/events/

Online talks

In 2021, a programme of online talks began. Currently, these currently run fortnightly on Mondays, focussing on palaeontology and archaeology. Previous topics have included the excavation history of Creswell Crags, the Ice Age of Britain, mammoths and Ice Age hyaenas.
Additional talks on other topics occasionally run on Thursdays.
Details of upcoming talks can be found here: www.creswell-crags.org.uk/events/

Many previous talks can be accessed via Creswell Crags’ Patreon: www.patreon.com/CreswellCrags


Tourist Activities


The four main caves in the gorge are accessible to the public, but only when accompanied by a member of staff. Cave tours, guided by the Heritage Facilitators, focus on four topics: Life in the Ice Age, Rock Art, Hyaenas Den, and Witch Marks.

Trails are frequently run throughout the year, provided an additional way for children to explore the gorge, woodland and meadow.

In addition, children may enjoy a birthday party hosted at Creswell Crags, or uniform groups (such as guides and scouts) may visit to achieve the ‘Creswell Crags Life on the Edge challenge’ badge.


There is a rich programme of educational activities. These include in-person school visits, with topics include Palaeolithic survival skills, Palaeolithic art, rocks and minerals, and evolution.

This year heralds the new addition of digital school sessions: Simply the Stone Age, and Examining Evolution.

Other educational activities include facilitating visits by universities and special interest groups, in addition to school outreach visits.

Further information about the information programme can be found on the website: www.creswell-crags.org.uk/education/


Information and booking:


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