Special Events

Preistoria Festival

May and June


An opportunity to explore science in an engaging and passionate way: guided tours, workshops, country walks, conferences and palaeo-dinners focus on the wealth of archaeological evidence spread throughout the Lessini Mountains, a natural archive of primary interest in the context of the research on human evolution.


Special Sundays at Fumane Cave -
Sunday Guided Visits

From June to September


Come and see the cave which in recent years has contributed so much to changing our views on many aspects of human prehistory. Qualified guides will show you the signs of human presence in this small but major prehistoric site and tell you about the different people who used it, about their environment and how it was exploited, not forgetting the ongoing work of the archaeologists and the latest technologies that are applied with the aim of finding new interpretations to the history of mankind.
The guided visits last just under an hour.
Visitors reach the cave by a short footpath and some steel stairs and remain in the cave entrance.

3.30 pm
4.30 pm

On Special Sundays booking beforehand is not required but advisable.



Schools and teachers

Guided visits to the cave can be organised by schools from spring to autumn, during the warmer seasons.

Visits to the cave can be extended with a workshop:
What’s for dinner? - Palaeolithic weapons and tools
Prehistoric colours
Lucy, Kina and the others: human evolution and diversity

During the rest of the year special lessons and activities can be organised in the classroom, planning topics and methods with the teachers.

Family Learning

Groups of families can book guided visits to the cave and take part in different workshops together.
Recommended during the warmer seasons, from spring to autumn.

What’s for dinner? (Palaeolithic weapons and tools)
Prehistoric colours
Archaeo-naturalistic walk in the country

Adult Learning

Groups of adults can book guided visits to the cave, focusing on diverse aspects of prehistory such as environment, evolution, symbolic behaviour and many other topics.


Information and booking:


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