The Exhibition

Photo: Matteo De Stefano

MUSE combines the traditional content and approach of a natural history museum with fresh topics and the innovative interaction typical of cutting-edge science museums. Visitors are given an immersive experience via interactive exhibits and multimedia installations.

A cross-disciplinary approach focuses on first-hand experimentation, practical “doing” and informal learning tools. This pioneering formula makes MUSE one of Europe's most innovative science museums.

MUSE is a place of continuous transformation, a ‘grid’ of projects made up of exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences and research facilities.

Photo: Matteo De Stefano

The permanent exhibition is flanked by innovative projects and numerous temporary displays that, over the course of the year, explore various topics in greater depth.
At the same time, new scientific developments are followed and debated on the web and on social media as part of an innovative, inclusive approach to engaging with the public.

Temporary Exhibitions

A Knowledge Network

MUSE is also the hub of a museum network with seven satellite branches. MUSE is also the only Italian museum with a permanent overseas branch, in Tanzania, where it has engaged in environmental monitoring for over a decade.

The network nodes:

Museo delle palafitte, Ledro

Gianni Caproni Aeronautical Museum, Trento

Lake Ledro Stilt House Museum

Giardino botanico - Viote del Monte Bondone

Viote Alpine Botanical Garden, Monte Bondone

Lake Tovel Limnological Centre
Tel. +39 0461 270339

Geological Museum of the Dolomites, Predazzo
Tel. +39 0462 500366

Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre, Tanzania

Terrazza delle Stelle

Terrace of the Stars, Viote del Monte Bondone


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Phone +39 0461 270311

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