Schools and Teachers

The Museum of Altamira offers its collaboration to teachers and educators to prepare the visit to the museum: you can book your tickets through the Reservations Department; we guide you in organizing your visit, and we offer various resources to prepare activities in your classroom and in the museum exhibition.
We suggest the didactic itineraries and themed visits; both are available on the web site so teachers can design in advance activities to do during the visit to the museum. Each of these focuses the scholars’ attention on a specific aspect of the ways of life of the hunter gatherers of the Upper Palaeolithic age, based on showing and explaining a sample of the available archaeological heritage.

The workshops for students are dedicated to everyday tasks carried out by the people during the Upper Palaeolithic age and to the art of Altamira.

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Family Learning

For families with small children, there are different activities  for finding out about the start of our history together.
In the Times of Altamira exhibition, the best objects, tools, and inventions from the Palaeolithic age help us to learn about those who inhabited the caves 20,000 years ago. To find out how they were made and used, the curiosity of adults and children alike will be satisfied by watching the films and animations that form part of the exhibition.
The Museoteca space is exclusively for the use of families with children who are interested in learning, playing, reading, and creating together. The Museoteca has currently been transformed into the Land of the Bison in red with lots of ideas for learning about the art of Altamira.
At weekends and on holidays, the museum always has exciting free activities to enjoy learning about prehistory and palaeolithic art as a family.

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Adult Learning

The Museum of Altamira offers all its visitors the possibility of discovering the prehistory and cave art of Altamira through its permanent exhibition, as well as being able to enjoy the marvelous surroundings in which it is located.
The museum is complemented by a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that run throughout the year.
Check the quarterly calendar in advance of the visit to find out more about the programme of guided tours and workshops.
In the Prehistory workshops visitors will become deer hunters, they will use prehistoric techniques to make fire and will even make hand stamps with pigments just like the ones used by the cave artists.

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