What's on here?

In addition to the archaeological excavation, the Scladina Cave Archaeological Centre and the EMA feature many attractions like temporary exhibitions, events and learning programmes:


Information on the temporary exhibitions currently on show at the Espace Muséal Andennais (EMA) can be found >> here 


Since March 2020 the public can discover the way of life of Neanderthals by two different and complementary approaches:

  • The discovery of the archaeological site (Scladina Cave Archaeological Centre), highlighting the “where” and “how” the evidence is collected.
  • The discovery of our new permanent exhibition (EMA), where the “what” is highlighted by the presentation of our best-of archaeological material including the original remains of the Scladina Child.

Schools and teachers

Different pedagogical activities have been developed to complete the visit of the Scladina Cave and the Museum. All those workshops have been elaborated based on the official educational system. Using different media, all the senses are solicited, creating unique experience. Moreover, as the cave is almost constantly excavated, visitors can assist to new discoveries.

The mediation team has also elaborated documents, which guide teachers and children in the preparation of their visit.
As Prehistory can arise many questions about our origins and future, teachers are more than welcome to share their request so the workshops will fit the most with their expectations.

The visit of the EMA can combined the permanent exhibition, workshops as well as the discovery of the Museum of Ceramics (in the same building), a century-old tradition that made Andenne famous during the Medieval and Modern times.


Family Learning

From April to October, the Scladina Cave Archaeological Center offers to families the possibility of visiting the cave using the Augmented Reality experience. The device loaned authorizes several people to share a good time, seeing and discussing the media available (3D models, 2D videos, 3D avatars of scientists, etc.).

During holidays, it’s also possible to follow a guided tour and to participate to workshops animated by our team of cultural mediation.

Do not hesitate to contact the team to have more information regarding the different interactive ways that are available to visit the cave.

Adult Learning

Guided Tours

Guided tours offer the possibility to see ongoing field investigations. Thanks to the proximity between the mediation and the scientific team, visitors can have up-to-date and enlightening comments about what’s going on in Prehistory. They can also have direct contact with objects discovered in the Scladina Cave and in the EMA, the new museum space from March 2020.

Workshop programs

The workshops and guided tours of the Scladina Cave offers comprehensive programs for all ages. Our offer for adults is quite similar to those proposed for families.

However, if you are a group interested in a special program (meeting archaeologists, etc.), do not hesitate to make your request when you book the visit.


Information and booking:



Phone: +32 81 58 29 58

More information at www.scladina.be