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About us

Ice Age Europe is a dynamic network of heritage sites that preserves and celebrates the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Ice Age.

Founded in 2013 on the initiative of the Neanderthal Museum and its then director Prof. Dr. Gerd-Christian Weniger, our network encompasses a diverse range of archaeological sites, museums, and educational centers spread across Europe, all dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of our ancient past. From the stunning caves adorned with prehistoric art to the vast landscapes that once teemed with majestic megafauna, Ice Age Europe offers a captivating journey into the depths of time.

Join us as we explore the fascinating story of our ancestors, their remarkable survival skills, and their profound impact on the development of humanity. Discover the wonders of the Ice Age and immerse yourself in a world that shaped the course of history.

Lead Partner

Dr. Bärbel Auffermann
Neanderthal Museum
Talstraße 300
40822 Mettmann

Network Office

Dr. Katrin Hieke
Ice Age Europe Network Office
c/o Neanderthal Museum
Talstr. 300
40822 Mettmann


Logo of Ice Age Europe Week 2023

In the 10th year of our network's existence, we are celebrating a complete Ice Age Europe Week with you!

Join the network

Ice Age Europe members encompass a diverse array of institutions in Europe, including museums, visitor centers, collections, and research institutions, all intricately connected to the Palaeolithic or Mesolithic era. These members have a direct association with an archaeological site and/or showcase a permanent exhibition, collection, or research program centered around the theme of Ice Age Europe. We welcome applications from representatives of these organisations or institutions, willing to actively take part in the network activities. To support the network’s lasting efforts, an annual membership fee is in place.

Here are great reasons to join: 

  • Elevate your profile as a premier European Ice Age heritage site.
  • Expand connections and networks across Europe.
  • Leverage cross-marketing for site, research, and activity promotion.
  • Gain exclusive insights into fellow member sites and stay updated on Europe-wide news.
  • Tap into informal learning and shared knowledge for professional advancement.