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About us

Ice Age Europe, established in 2013, is a vibrant network dedicated to unravelling the mysteries and showcasing the wonders of the Ice Age period that profoundly shaped the European landscape and its inhabitants. Originating from a shared passion for exploring the rich heritage of the Ice Age era, the network's genesis lies in the collaborative efforts of like-minded institutions and experts seeking to delve deeper into this fascinating epoch.

Initially conceived with a fixed group of members, Ice Age Europe has recently undergone an evolution in its organizational structure under the stewardship of its lead partner, the Neanderthal Museum. Moving away from a rigid membership model, the network has adopted a dynamic approach, assembling project-specific partnerships tailored to the unique requirements and objectives of each endeavour. This flexibility not only fosters innovation and diversity but also opens avenues for new collaborators to join the network, enriching its collective expertise and perspectives.

The network's projects encompass a diverse array of initiatives aimed at fostering exchange, innovation, and engagement with the overarching ambition to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They seek to nurture a deeper appreciation for Europe's ancient past and the remarkable adaptations of its inhabitants in response to environmental challenges.

Lead Partner

Dr. Bärbel Auffermann
Neanderthal Museum
Talstraße 300
40822 Mettmann

Network Office

Dr. Katrin Hieke
Ice Age Europe Network Office
c/o Neanderthal Museum
Talstr. 300
40822 Mettmann


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Ice Age Europe goes Asia

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We are happy to announce the Ice Age Europe Week 2024!

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Join the network

Joining Ice Age Europe network project means becoming part of a dynamic group comprised of a diverse range of institutions across Europe, from museums and visitor centers to collections and research institutions, all with a deep connection to the Palaeolithic or Mesolithic era. Whether you're eager to actively participate in ongoing network activities or have a brilliant idea for a new project within the realm of museum and heritage work, we invite you to reach out.

Collaborating with us entails:

  • Elevating your institution's status as a premier European Ice Age heritage site.
  • Expanding your connections and networks throughout Europe.
  • Harnessing cross-marketing opportunities for the promotion of your site, research, and activities.
  • Accessing exclusive insights into fellow member sites and staying abreast of Europe-wide developments.
  • Engaging in informal learning and sharing knowledge for professional growth.