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Ice Age Europe

Ice Age Europe

The network of heritage sites

Explore the fascinating world of the Ice Age with Ice Age Europe - Network of Heritage Sites!

Since 2013, we've been dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of this transformative era in Europe's history. Through projects led by the Neanderthal Museum, Germany, our dynamic network connects institutions and experts passionate about exploring the Ice Age's rich heritage.

Join us in discovering Europe's ancient past and the remarkable adaptations of its inhabitants to environmental challenges!

A woman in prehistory attire looking at the venus figure in a museum display case
Venus from Hohle Fels at Museum of Prehistory Blaubeuren.
© URMU. Foto: Günther Bayerl

The Ice Age

Let's explore the fascinating world of the Ice Age and discover its wonders and secrets. Discover Stone Age caves, visit famous world heritage sites, stroll through the valley where the legendary Neanderthal bones were discovered and get to know amazing Ice Age collections in Europe!

Projects and activities

Ice Age Europe goes Asia

Connections to the South Korean museum Seokjangni have existed for years. In May 2024 we officially signed a long-term partnership agreement.

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Ice Age Europe Week

We are delighted to announce that we will be celebrating Ice Age Europe Week again in 2024 for an entire week, from September 23rd to September 29th, 2024! Look forward to offerings centered around the theme of the Ice Age in Europe, provided by our current project partners.

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Ice Age Europe Magazine Cover visible on a tablet on a table

Ice Age Europe Magazine

Our magazine showcases the many activities taking place at some of the most important prehistoric sites, museums and visitor centers across Europe as well as guest contributions. After six successful editions in print/PDF download format, our magazine articles are now available online year-round.

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Home screen of the game, left and right to the words Ice Age Worlds are drawings of people and animals

Ice Age Worlds

Our first mobile game ICE AGE WORLDS / EISZEITWELTEN is now available in App stores (English and German). Explore the climate, plants and animals of the Ice Age 40,000 years ago in Europe alongside your trusty animal companion. There is much to discover!

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